The Little Ponderosa Zoo

Clinton (WVLT) - Hundreds of animals from all around the world, and your chance to see them, feel them, even feed them.

It's a wonderful experience for anybody.

For this week's Tennessee Traveler, we pack up the kids and head off to the Little Ponderosa Zoo.

Way back off the road on 35 acres in Clinton is an oasis of 4-500 animals.

It's called the Little Ponderosa Zoo, you just never know what you'll see.

"This is what separates us from what a lot of the other zoos do, we want to be a hands-on zoo," said James Cox, Little Ponderosa Zoo owner.

Cox says it's taken him 20 years to create this menagerie.

The former funeral home director just loves animals and he's collected critters from all over the world.

"We're expecting baby porcupines, these guys are very unique what they do their differences between the American porcupine, which dispenses their quills, these back up to you," said Cox.


"This guy is a Bonnett McQuake. Don't get too close, he is a very good boy, he's special."

And then, there is a red tailed boa.

"By the way, she's hungry she hasn't been fed in a few days."

Oh great, no wonder he gave her to me.

Outside, the larger animals are tortoises, kangaroos, wallabies.

And then there are the big boys, Clyde and Carl.

"In the movie, jurassic park, camels were used to make the sounds."

It's one man's love for animals that's created this park.

Now, it open for all the enjoy.

The Little Ponderosa Zoo is open from Noon until 6:00 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through November.

To get more information, call (865) 457-5536, email or click on the link below.

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