Regents Look To Cut Spending at Meetings

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) -- Members of the Board of Regents are discussing ways to cut the costs of their quarterly meetings.

The evaluation follows an Associated Press review that found the last four gatherings cost the state more than $187,000.

The AP study showed in August that $54,000 of the $187,000 spent for the last four meetings went toward travel and hotel costs. The rest of the expenditures included money for food and catering; flowers and decorations; welcome packages for the board members; music for events; a sound system; and activities for the board members' spouses.

The Board of Regents oversees six universities, 13 two-year colleges and 26 technology centers.

The board has come under criticism from Governor Bredesen for not adopting his education proposals aggressively enough.

He's also said the board should take a hard look at how it's spending its money.

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