Sen. Alexander Talks About Y-12 Situation

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- We now know when congress should determine the budget for Y-12 workers.

On Wednesday, we reported that the plant's 4,500 employees were warned that layoffs could be coming their way if congress doesn't approve its budget.

We spoke with Senator Lamar Alexander about the lingering layoffs and how they are weighing on the minds of these families.

Senator Alexander said congress should vote on Y-12's budget before the middle of November.

According to the Sen. Alexander, if congress would've passed the appropriations bill at the beginning of this month like he says they were supposed to, Y-12 wouldn't be in the predicament.

In the meantime, the senator said he is working with senate leaders to try and make sure they do their job, which is to pass the funding law.

"The Democratic leadership needs to bring the legislation that we've already approved up for a vote, and if it does and it passes, then we won't have layoffs,” Sen. Alexander said. “I'm not going to try to predict what the senate will do. I can predict I'm going to work hard."

The chair of Knoxville's Democratic Party, Don Daugherty says "the Republicans are playing politics as usual. Lamar Alexander is out of touch with Tennessee and what is going on down here."

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