8th Annual Foothills Fall Festival

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Blount County (WVLT) -- The Eighth Annual Fall Festival gets underway Friday night in Maryville, and this year promises to be the best ever.

There are a lot of huge names on the ticket, if you managed to get one.

This year’s festival sold out for the first and getting ready for the event is a year long process.

"We're running on adrenaline right now,” said Jane Groff, a festival coordinator. “Monday is when we get tired."

A lot of work goes into making the fall festival happen and what began as a music festival has grown.

The event now includes a lot of fun things for children to do.

"Our goal for this year is not necessarily to try to spread it out any farther but just to do better," Groff said.

That means bringing in new things.

"We have a new LASER tag arena where we will have eight kids in at a time to play LASER tag,” said Patti Clevenger. “We also have a new air brush tattoo which will last about a week or so."

As for what is different, they will have new foods such as deep fried frozen sweets.

"They're real good,” Lisa Terry who makes fried foods. “I don't care much for the Twinkies myself, but I like the Oreos and Snickers."

But the stage is being set for the big show.

Seventeen acts are scheduled to play from Friday through Sunday.

It takes all day to get the stage ready, but a lot longer to get everything just right.

"Things have gotten easier and easier but it does take a lot of planning,” said Steve Martin, facilities coordinator. “We do plan basically year round for this."

And there's always some special challenges, this year its Big and Rich who are bringing two tractor trailers.

"If you've seen our facility, you know we don't have that much room, but we're going to accommodate that one way or another," Martin said.

It’s a lot of work, but hopefully it will make a lot of people happy

"It’s great,” Clevenger said, “and it's all free."

Each night has a big name playing.

Friday night it's REO Speedwagon, Saturday night is headlined by Big and Rich and on Sunday there's Little Texas, Kellie Pickler, and the show ends with Sara Evans.

For more information, you can clink on the link below.

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