Commission Song: They're Calling Us Everything But Our Names

Knoxville (WVLT) - The last verse isn't written yet for the Knox County Commission, but they're now being satirized in song.

Volunteer TV's Gordon Boyd has the details.

Last week, the Knox County Chancellor threw out 12 appointments the commission made during a meeting in January a jury found violated the state's open meetings law.

The singer behind the reworking of an Outlaw Country and karaoke standard says it's not about fame for himself, but just poking fun and shame at what he says is the commission's little games.

The title of the song is "They're Calling Us Everything But Our Names."

You don't have to call Kevin Lee Craft a David Alan Coe wanna-be.

He's more of a finish carpenter, turned fed-up citizen.

"You couldn't help but to hear some bits and pieces of it every time you turn the radio on," said Craft. "My intelligence was kind of insulted by this, how do they think they can do this."

So, a guy who doesn't write music, let along parodies, figured outrage needed an outlet, and fellow voters needed a voice.

"It's time to poke fun at it, laugh about it. We've been stressed out about it too long, it's time to laugh and have a good time," said Craft.

Our crooner says he's not letting those judged guilty off lightly, by making light.

But, at least two commissioners say they see the humor.

"I like parody songs, particularly about politicians, and if we can't laugh at ourselves and poke fun at ourselves, we're kind of missing the point," said Knox County Commissioner Mike Hammond.

"I think the songs lighthearted, I don't think it was intended in a mean sort of way. I enjoyed the song," said Commissioner Greg Lambert.

Craft figures the song could last as long as the saga.

"In fact, I hope the gentleman will send me a CD," said Lambert.

Thanks to his day job as operations manager for WIVK, Mike Hammond may do one better

"I'm gonna make sure Andy and Allison know about it, that they hear it and hopefully they'll play it," said Hammond.

Craft hopes voters and commissioners gain a sense of perspective and responsibility.

"We need to get fresh faces in there, there's people out there waiting in the wings I'm sure, that are only going to cause this county to move forward and do things for its citizens," said Craft.

Craft says he's not selling the song, unless radio picks it up.

You can hear the full tune by clicking the video link above.

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