It's in the Beans: E Tennessee Town Tries to Set Guiness World Record

BEAN STATION, Tenn. (AP) -- All comers to Bean Station's 11th annual Harvest Pride Festival received a heaping helping from what the town thinks is the largest pot of beans ever cooked.

The town of 1,500 about 60 miles northeast of Knoxville cooked nearly 600 gallons of pinto beans yesterday in an attempt to secure a Guinness World Record.

To break the record, Bean Station put 1,200 pounds of beans, 10 pounds of salt and 20 gallons of lard. The beans were cooked massive custom-built stainless steel pot for 16 hours.

One of the main sponsors of the bean record attempt is an Iowa company called Flat-D Innovations Inc., which makes a "flatulence deodorizer," a charcoal pad that you put in your underwear.

The current record is held by the town of Horace, North Dakota, which cooked up a 350-gallon mess of beans in 2002.

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