Knoxville Lawmakers Pass Ordinance Banning Street Donations

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Knoxville (WVLT) - We've all seen them, Shriners, firefighters, even church members standing on the roads in busy intersections collecting money, but Tuesday night the Knoxville City Council took the first step to stop those donation drives on public streets.

The City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday banning the practice. Council members say it's for safety reasons and because they've received several calls from people who have witnessed a close call during the events, but for members of the Shriners organization who rely on these donation drives for nearly 40 percent of their budget, the ruling is a devastating blow.

I don't like knee jerk reactions to things there not been any type of incident in regard to this we think certainly there are ways to address it we don't feel like it's a safety concern we've complied with the ordinance up to this point currently wearing of safety and reflective and protective gear and being respectful of traffic," said Scott Jones, the Kerbela Shriners Legal Council.

City Council members will have a final vote in two weeks. The he ban would go into effect 17 days from the final vote.

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