Feds Auction Market Square Properties in Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- At this hour, federal authorities are holding an auction in downtown Knoxville of several properties seized as part of a drug raid.

Volunteer TV's Gordon Boyd is there.

The investigation and prosecution of Scott and Bernadette West may have taken months, but the sell off, the auction of their Market Square legacy likely will take only minutes.

The feds have broken up their five buildings into three parcels, the largest houses World Grotto, Earth to Old City, Oodles and eleven apartments.

The second is Preservation Pub, the live music venue that's been the center of the Wests' holdings and symbol of Market Square's renaissance.

The third is vacant, a corner building, four stories tall with structural and code issues.

The feds will take bids on each, but the high bidder on each may not get the property.

"Thats true, there might be an individual winner and another group comes in and buys the package and may even bid on the first three," said Auction Supervisor Mark Wheelus.

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