The Doors at Cumberland County Schools Will Remain Open

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Cumberland County (WVLT) -- The doors at Cumberland County Schools will remain open.

The county commission approved a budget for the schools Thursday morning.

There were not near as many people at the meeting as there were at last week’s, and it was not nearly as heated.

The commission passed the $46 million school budget, with $1.2 million set aside for capital projects.

With that money, Cumberland schools will be able to do many of their improvement projects, like fix roofs at Cumberland High School and resolve sewage problems at Pleasant Hill Elementary and North Elementary.

There are a few projects they won’t be able to get to because of the cash strapped budget including resealing and paving school roads.

Aarona Van Winkle, Cumberland County’s director of schools said she the deal required her to pull money from the fund balance, which is only a one time temporary fix.

"I am relieved that we have a budget and never want to go through this again,” Van Winkle said. “We have to find money to fund education in Cumberland County."

She will submit the budget to the state today and expects the funds shortly after, so the schools can remain open.

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