Make-A-Wish Foundation Helps Local Child

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- It's called the place where dreams come true and that's exactly what it's doing for one disabled Knoxville girl.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is sending Kiley Newcomb, 3 and her family on an all-expense paid trip to Disney World.

"I'm ecstatic, we don't really know what to think,” said Kristy Newcomb, Kiley’s mother. “We're just so excited."

On Monday, Kiley, her mom and dad will start a week-long trip to Walt Disney World, paid in full by Make A Wish.

"I'm happy to be able to share some of the childhood memories I have with her and start new ones,” Kristy said.

That has already started, because before she has her first face-to-face encounter with a giant mouse in Central Florida, there was another waiting for her in West Knoxville on Saturday afternoon.

That’s where Kiley tried out rides, games and got a greeting from some larger than life characters at her Chuck E. Cheese.

"This is something she might not be able to do again,” said Katherine West, Kiley’s grandmother, “so this one time is something that's going to be close to our hearts forever.”

Her smile and laughter don't seem to stop, but they almost did.

"When Kiley was about 11 hours old, she had several seizures and strokes," Kristy said.

"They actually told us we weren't bringing her home from the hospital," said West.

They did, but in a wheel chair and with cerebral palsy.

"Also she's got a feeding tube and she is considered legally blind,” Kristy said.

Doctors said she would never do a lot of things.

"Never walk, or be verbal, or just sit up," West said.

But Kiley conquered.

"Nothing's ever gets her down,” Kristy said. “According to her, there's no problems in the world."

That’s exactly why her grandmother says she doesn't need to go with Kiley to what's called "the happiest place on earth."

She says she's already there.

"This is happiness to me,” West said, “being with her, playing with her."

Kiley is a girl her mother already calls princess.

"She's the color in my sky, she's the flower in my garden, she's my princess."

And now she is ready to have the time of her life at her "Magic Kingdom."

Kiley's mom says the trip will also be a time to forget about almost daily doctor and therapy appointments.

Besides Disney, the family will visit Universal Studios and Seaworld.

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