Governor Suspends Admissions at Tennessee Veterans Home

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Governor Bredesen suspended admissions to the Murfreesboro Veterans Home today after a critical inspection report cited several deficiencies.

Bredesen instructed the Department of Veterans Affairs and other state agencies to carefully review the report from the Department of Health, which found failures at the facility for the second time this year.

In June, Bredesen put a freeze on admissions to three veterans' homes in Murfreesboro, Humboldt and Knoxville after an investigation into the Murfreesboro facility found the staff failed to manage residents who showed aggressive behavior, protect residents from harm, report unusual incidents and investigate injuries.

Bredesen lifted the admissions ban for the Murfreesboro home in September, and the suspensions on the Knoxville and Humboldt homes were lifted in July.

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