Controversial Video Game Hits Store Shelves

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(WVLT) - A new video game on the shelves is creating quite a stir across the nation and the world.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb has more details.

Manhunt 2 hit store shelves Wednesday and it became controversial before it ever got here.

Some child advocacy groups are asking people not to buy it.

But sometimes telling people not to buy something causes the opposite affect.

"A lot of people want to buy it because of that. Sometimes it's just people wanting to buy the game. Sometimes it's people hear it's really bad and just want to see it for themselves," said Jacob Price, Manager of Maryville Game Stop.

Because of its graphic scenes, Manhunt 2 got a M rating.

That means only those 17 and older can purchase it.

Chris Milsaps, 18, doesn't plan to buy it but knows some will.

"Think it's kind of a gimmic-type game, doesn't really have that much redeeming qualities. It's just kind of a shock factor type thing," said Milsaps.

Unlike watching cartoon violence, one local psychiatrist says there's a reason children do not need to play the game.

"Killing, murdering, maiming, torturing and you're rewarded in the game for doing that yourself, to other people," said Dr. John Robertson.

Dr. John robertson says for adults who play the game, much of their value system has already been formed.

"But it's not going to have the impact to them that it is to a teenager who is trying to figure out where they are in the world," he said.

That's why it's the responsibility of stores and parents to keep mature rated video games, like Manhunt 2, away from children.

"We ID everyone. Pretty much, if you are a day under sixty we ID you," said store manager Jacob Price.

"That's where we as parents have to limit and that's where you have to pay attention to those ratings," said Dr. Robertson.

Robertson says it's OK for children to play video games that are age-appropriate, but balance is important.

he says besides playing games, they also need to do things such as school work, extracurricular activities, and other productive things.

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