Boy Abducted In Cherokee NC, Found Safe

Derrick Taylor, 14 of Cherokee City, NC.
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Cherokee, NC (WVLT) – A 14 year-old boy who police say was kidnapped early Sunday, has been found safe.

According to the Cherokee Tribal Police Department, Derrick Taylor was playing basketball at the Elo Hill Community Center on the Cherokee Reservation Sunday morning, when he was approached by two white males who beat him up and threw him in the back of a gold colored vehicle.

Derrick then made a phone call to police saying he was locked in a shed but did not know where it was.

Police say Derrick was released by his abductors at about 7:00 p.m. and he ran to a nearby gas station for help.

Police arrived soon after, and Derrick was reunited with his family.

Investigators say he was not seriously hurt.

Police are still investigating.

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