Former Teacher Admits to Having Sex with Student

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Oak Ridge (WVLT) - A former East Tennessee middle school teacher has admitted to having sex with a 15 year-old student.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford has the details.

Montgomery "Monty" Koons, 51, was a 6th grade teacher at Jefferson Middle School in Oak Ridge.

He has pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated statutory rape of a 15 year-old that was a former student and is now facing jail time.

"There was a relationship developed there, I guess where trust was at its ultimate level," said Thomas Bailey, Oak Ridge Superintendent.

Court records show Monty Koons had sex with a 15 year-old student in his Oak Ridge home between June 24 and September 11 of 2006.

"There was no indication to me. I was shocked, quite frankly, when I got a call from the police," said Bailey.

Bailey says Koons appeared to be a good teacher and drama club sponsor at Jefferson Middle School for 20 years.

"I personally don't see anyone that's 51 years-old having sexual relations with a young person, definitely should not be an educator, in my opinion," said Bailey.

Bailey says he wants to assure parents that their number one priority is the safety of the students.

And with that comes a need for communication from everyone.

"The minute you think something is wrong, give information to your principal, to your superintendent, to a teacher, to anyone," he said.

Ridgeview Clinic Director Sheila Musharbash says parents need to know their children and ask some key questions about any changes in their behavior.

"Explain to them what's appropriate and inappropriate," she said. "Are they skipping school? Are their grades slipping? Are they sleeping more or is their mood different? Are they more aggressive or sad?"

At the same time, Bailey says teachers need to examine their own actions around students.

"You want to help the student after school. Do you stay and meet with that student by yourself? I would say you probably shouldn't," he said.

Koons is free on bond right now.

In a plea bargain, Koons agreed to a potential prison term of two to five years, but his attorney plans to argue strict supervision instead of jail time.

The state says they'll recommend Koons give up his teaching license, register as a sex offender, and serve his time behind bars.

His sentencing hearing is set for January 25th.

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