Woman Claims Dentist Hit Child, Dentist Denies Claims

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Blount County (WVLT) - An Alcoa woman is considering filing charges against a Blount County dentist she claims screamed at her daughter and assaulted her.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb has the details.

Doctor Conley Shope says he's shocked at the allegations.

He says never has he had such a complaint in his forty years of practicing.

He says everything he did was standard to help keep kids calm.

New to Alcoa, Angel Maines says she needed a dentist to fill a cavity for her nine year-old daughter Cloe.

That's how she found Dr. Conley Shope.

"She's on TennCare, so I called TennCare and had them refer me a dentist and that's who they referred," said Maines.

So last Friday, she took Cloe to the dentist, and waited outside the examining room.

"All of a sudden, I heard her start screaming and then the dentist started yelling at her. I heard him yelling shut up, shut up, shut up," said Maines.

But Dr. Conley Shope says he and his assistant simply began minimal techniques used to keep patients calm.

"Both of us tried to talk with her. That didn't work so I raised my voice to her, told her to hush, be quiet," said Dr. Shope.

Dr. Shope says it appeared to be her first cavity and it was a bad one.

"I guess it could be traumatic, not used to the sound of the drill and all that," said Dr. Shope.

Maines says the screaming continued.

She says she tried to get in the room but the dentist shut the door on her.

That's when she got Cloe out with only a temporary filling.

"She looked up at me and she said 'Mommy, but he was smacking me.' So that is when I called police," said Maines.

But Shope says that's not true.

"Never, I've never hit a child," he said.

Dr. Shope says he only tapped on her chest.

"An open hand pad is a technique to try to get the attention of the patient to get their attention to look at you," he said.

A first-time cavity fill for a nine year-old girl has left both a mother and a dentist confused.

"I just can't believe it happened. It was just too much for me," said Maines.

"I did the best I could do under the circumstances. With a little girl, it's all I could do," Shopes said.

The Blount County Sheriff's Department says they do not plan file charges in the case.

Angel Maines says she will meet with an attorney on Wednesday to determine her next course of action.

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