Can Gas Cards Save You Money?

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Gasoline prices have shot up over the last week leaving most drivers wondering what they can do to save a little at the pump.

The national average now sits at $3.04.

In Knoxville it’s $2.93, in Chattanooga it’s $2.96, in Bristol it’s $2.95, in Nashville it’s $2.94 and Memphis currently sits at $2.90.

One way to save at the pump may be to take a closer look at gas card rebates to see if they offer some relief.

They actually do and in some cases, the savings comes in at around fifteen cents a gallon.

You don't have to look far for gasoline rebates that you earn by using your credit card.

"Each gas station I've gone to always offers something,” said Matt Tomiko, “it's either four or five percent and it really depends how long it's going to last."

The BP/VISA card offers a 10 percent rebate on gas for the first 60-days, only at BP locations.

Then it drops to five percent.

"If they use their BP/VISA, they get it fifteen cents cheaper than the regular price,” said Mary Davis with BP/KenJo.

Right now that five-percent rebate looks very tempting with gas prices sitting way up high.

Shell doesn't quite show off its "before and after rebate price," but the Shell Platinum MasterCard does give five percent rebates on all Shell gasoline purchases.

"This is the only thing I put on this card,” said Dianne Goodwin who was filling up with her Shell Card. “So, the more purchases you make, they give you the better discount on whatever it is you're using the card most for."

AAA is also in the rebate business.

"You can get a two-and-a-half percent discount on gasoline purchases on the World Points Card,” said Don Lindsey from AAA. “Then we also have a gas card which gives up to five percent depending on how much you buy of other kinds of things as well."

The Discover Open Road Gas Card pays you back five percent no matter where you buy your gas.

"It's five percent on any car maintenance or gas and on top of that one percent on every other purchase,” said Tomiko.

The bottom line according to the experts is that you should shop around and see which card best fits your needs.

"Just go online and shop,” Tomiko said, “it definitely makes a difference to look around."

For a list of all the gas cash-back credit cards picked by gas consumers and car owners, you can click on the hot key.

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