Second Dog That Killed Knox County Woman Captured

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Knox County (WVLT) -- The second pit bull involved in the deadly mauling of a West Knox County woman is now in custody.

Volunteer TV's Rob Pratt has the latest.

Sheriff's deputies and animal control officers returned to the scene of the attack Tuesday on Sam Lee Road to take the second pit bull into custody.

The dog was wounded Monday night when officers shot and killed the other pit bull.

This was not the first time that Charles Smallwood's dogs have caused trouble.

The death of 21 year-old Jennifer Lowe on Monday is shocking but it's not a surprise to some that Charles Smallwood's dogs caused trouble.

Knox County Animal Control has been called to this address four times to deal with the dogs.

"We deemed them dangerous on the 23rd of August. They signed the papers on the 28th. We were back out on the 14th to make sure they met all the parameters, which they did," said David Head, Knox County Animal Control Director.

Meeting the parameters meant building an enclosure and keeping the dogs either inside the fence or the house.

It all became necessary after neighbors complained about the dogs running loose and the pit bulls injured another neighborhood dog.

But the dogs were never seized because the owner appeared to cooperate, even when the dogs were running loose again last week.

"We were actually back out there on Friday on a drive-by, going to another call and the officers seen them out in the yard and reminded them and went back over the parameters for the dangerous dog and what he had to do," said Head.

In the end, none of the steps could protect someone who was living with the dogs.

"I mean it's just surprising that a pet animal that you live with could do that to you," said ## Hill.

Jennifer Lowe's coworkers at Rocky Top Market are collecting money at the counter for Lowe's family.

And they are dealing with the shock of losing a friend.

"I mean she was only 21 years-old and she had just been at work the night before," said Hill.

Sources at the courthouse tell Volunteer TV that the most serious potential charge for a dog owner in a case like this is reckless homicide, though they say even that might be a reach in a case involving an adult victim who lives with the dogs.

While the sheriff's department is discussing the evidence with prosecutors, no charges have been filed.

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