Man With No License, 4 DUIs Charged in Fatal Crash

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- The Tennessee Highway Patrol has charged a Knoxville man with a fifth offense drunken driving offense in a crash that killed a Strawberry Plains woman.

Forty-year-old Joan Arrington had just left home to go to work in Knoxville when her car was hit.

Troopers arrested 30-year-old Roy Wayne Killon Junior.

Court records show Killon lost his driver's license ten years ago.

State Trooper Tim Southerland says when he went to a hospital to question Killon, the man told him he'd been drinking all day Friday before driving a minivan on Route 139.

The trooper reports Killon's van crossed the center line and he never applied the brakes before crashing nearly head-on into Arrington's car.

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