Four Charged in Morristown Raid

Morristown, Hamblen County (WVLT) -- Four people are in the Hamblen County jail after police raided a home and recovered over $10,000 worth of alleged stolen items.

The Morristown Police Department says drug task force members purchased narcotics from people at a home on Sequoyah Drive in Morristown.

On Thursday, the Task Force, along with detectives from the Hamblen County Sheriff's Department and Morristown Police Department, returned to the home to execute a search warrant and put the four suspects under arrest.

The following are facing charges:

Betty Ann West, 62 - charged with possession of Percocet and possession of a prohibited weapon
R.D. Edward Wyatt, 68 - charged with possession of Percocet and possession of a prohibited weapon
Randy Dean Gibson, 43 - charged with possession of Oxycontin and Xanax
Connie Marcum, 41 - charged with solicitation to purchase Roxyicodone

Investigators say during the search of the home, they found 30 guns, including handguns, shotguns, and rifles. They say several have been confirmed stolen from Hamblen County or even as far away as Arizona.

They say they also recovered hand and power tools, food stamps, gift cards, a television, several DVD players, $3,000 in cash, a dirt bike, lawn equipment including three lawn mowers, old coins, chain saws, three tennis racquets, a refrigerator, and clothing.

Investigator say they also seized four vehicles; a newer model Ford Ranger, a late 90's Oldsmobile, a newer Nissan Quest van, and a full sized Chevy conversion van. They say they found tools they believed were used in car burglaries in the conversion van.

Police are now comparing the alleged stolen property to theft reports in Hamblen County and many other areas to find out where they came from.

They expect to file more charges as the investigation continues.

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