Videotape Shows Comair 5191 Heading to Wrong Runway

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Airport security cameras monitoring the final seconds of Comair Flight 5191, caught on videotape the ill-fated passenger jet head away from the main, well-lit runway at Lexington's Bluegrass Airport.

Videotapes obtained by the (Louisville) Courier-Journal did not show the plane crash. Forty-nine of 50 people onboard the jet died in the August 27th, 2006 crash.

The videotape footage was taken from the airport manager's parking lot and restaurant dock. It shows two other planes, with their takeoff lights on, taxi to the main runway which is pictured lit up in the background. The second runway, which the Comair flight used, was not visible.

The Comair plane is shown taxiing by before it disappears behind a building. It does not reappear on the main runway as the two other planes did. After more than a minute, the Comair plane reappears on the videotape at a different angle from the two other jets, and is heading toward takeoff. It is gone from the camera frame after 14 seconds.

The National Transportation Safety Board, the federal agency investigating the crash, this summer says the primary blame on Comair's pilots for missing clues they were headed down the wrong runway.

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