Coach Fulmer: "We're Ready To Play For The SEC East Title On Saturday"

During his weekly media conference Coach Phillip Fulmer Said:

I think it's a great compliment to the players and coaches, and the leadership on this football team, as well as the youth that's made a significant impact of this year's football team, we're a bunch of fighters, and now were at this point of playing for the SEC Eastern Division Title.

Kentucky's a very fine football team, when you look at their skill level on offense, it's very exceptional, Woodson is very developed and is having an outstanding year this year at Quarterback, say Coach Fulmer.

They've got a group of Wide Receivers who are about the best we've encountered this year.

Defensively, Kentucky's very solid, a good defensive team, much like us, they've played at times real well, at other times, they've had their problems.

Kentucky is very well coached, says Coach Fulmer.

During the course of the season, our team has matured, some of that has come naturally as the younger players have grown-up through games and practices.
Some of our maturity has come the hard way, but mostly we've improved by going to the practice field, and working hard, which is a credit to our team.

We have also improved by believing in each-other and staying the course to this pioint.
Of course we have our short-comings, said Coach Fulmer, but we're continuing to work through our problems.

Coach Fulmer said, The best trait this football team has is going to the practice field each day and preparing for the next week's game, and taking-on the challenges we've presented to the players.

As in all big games, the kicking game will play a significant part, as it has through-out the season, Daniel Lincoln has really stepped-up and made some clutch kicks for us, and Dennis Rogan is returning the ball very well, we wouldn't be where we are this season without those two players, and many more.

Also to beat Kentucky, Coach Fulmer says, we know we have a big challenge ahead of us, which starts up front, we have not been the best defensive front TN has seen, but our front has been willing to work hard and make significant progress, and this needs to be a key area for us this week.

Our secondary, Coach Fulmer says, we've had to overcome a lot with basically five starters lost over the last year, they've overcome a lot and are doing a good job, despite the challenges placed on their plate.

Offensively our line has done a really good job this year of just giving-up 3-sacks for as much as we pass the football, that's a credit not only to the line, but to QB Erik Ainge as well.

Coach Fulmer says our Quarterback Erik Ainge is seasoned and will of course be a key player in this ball game, Arian Foster's work ethic is great, and he continues to improve along with our wide-receivers ... the doubts we had at the beginning of the season are now pretty-much gone because of our wide-receivers improving ability each week.

We must play smart Saturday and hold onto the ball, say Coach Fulmer.

We're excited about the game, its challenges, and the implications. We're also looking forward to getting to the practice field today, to really start our preparation with energy and enthusiasm for Kentucky this weekend and a possible clinch of the SEC Eastern Division Title.

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