Regions Bank Warning You About New Scam

Knoxville (WVLT) -- There's a new scam you need to know about.

Our newsroom has been flooded with phone calls about a scam involving Regions Bank.

People tell us they're getting an automated phone call or an e-mail that claims to be from Regions Bank and asking the person to call a phone number or go to a website.

If you call that number or go to the website, they ask you for your personal information.

This is what's called a "phishing scam" which is the act of claiming to be a legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam a person into surrendering their private information to be used for identity theft.

If you receive a call or e-mail, you should not give any of your personal information.

Regions Bank says they are not sending out automated calls or e-mails and that this is a SCAM.

They warn you not to click on any links in these e-mails because it may compromise your account.