WVLT Toy Test Part 2: What Kindergartners Want

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Get it right and there will be screams of joy. Get it wrong and you may be in trouble.

We're talking about choosing those toys your child just can't put down this holiday season.

Volunteer TV's Kiley Yarbrough has Part 2 of the WVLT Toy Test, this time it's for five and six year-olds in kindergarten

For Mr. Hensley's kindergarten class at Mary Blount Elementary school, the WVLT Toy Test is like an early christmas.

"You all bring toys to us and you make us have fun," said kindergartner Jasmine Bryant.

But what tops their lists?

"I want this thingy for Christmas," said kindergartner Kevin Smith.

Hasbro's Fur Real Friends Parrot has most of the 5 and 6 year-olds squawking with delight.

It'll cost you about $60.

The Imaginext Walking Dinosaurs are also a scream and you shouldn't pass on Nerf's Peyton Manning NFL Progrip Football.

Both are priced at just $14.99.

It doesn't take long for the kids to catch onto the V. Smile Learning Center priced at $60.

And they are quick to try out the Hot Wheels Flip N Go Spin City Playset.

The Disney Cars Mega Mack Playtown also had their motors revving.

Both will cost you about $40.

"I like that toy," said Jordon Lindsey .

Becoming a Transformer Robot is easy with the Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet which costs about $30.

Creativity toys win big with these kindergarten students.

They're enjoying Dragonfly Innovations' Puzzle It Out, also a Dr. Toy Best Products winner for 2007.

"The other girls and me are coloring a puzzle," said Mackenzie Raines.

"I like to color puzzles," said Kierra Young.

For that, you'll pay about $25.

This, year Mattel has unveiled the next generation of fashion doll play.

Included in the Barbie Girls line is the MP3 player for $60.

"I like it because it's got a lot of barbie music stuff," said Jasmine.

And the stuff that makes this toy test so good?

"We are sharing, we are doing friendship, too."

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