Local Authorities Work to Keep You Safe on the Roadways

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Knoxville Police have been out in full force Wednesday night, trying to keep you and your family safe on the roads during the Holiday.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis rode with a police officer and has the details.

Knoxville Police say this has been a calm Thanksgiving Eve so far.

Rain was falling on his windshield as police officer Brian Leatherwood patrolled the highways on Thanksgiving Eve.

"So far it's a whole lot calmer than Thanksgiving eve," Leatherwood said.

But some areas were worse than others.

"Northeast Knoxville traffic wasn't as heavy as West Knoxville," Leatherwood said.

In West Knoxville, Officer Leatherwood was looking for speeders and found a few, like a black Nissan Maxima who was clocked at 64 in a 45 mile an hour construction zone, and a Jeep Cherokee who was warned about his speed.

Lieutenant Jeff Pappas wants all drivers to exercise good driving habits.

"Leave proper distance obey speed use defensive driving techniques and watch out for others as well as yourself," Pappas.

With Thanksgiving being the busiest travel period in Knoxville, police have also set up sobriety checkpoints.

"Looking to reduce speed and looking for drivers impaired and those who are driving recklessly," Pappas said.

Officer Leatherwood and others are doing this in an effort to reduce the number of traffic fatalities this Thanksgiving holiday.

Officer Leatherwood expects Friday to be a busy day on the roadways too as people head home after Thanksgiving dinner.

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