State Says Low-Income Students Shouldn't Pay For Fundraisers

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (AP) -- A spokeswoman for the state Department of Education says schools must waive fees for low-income students to participate in school-day fundraising celebrations.

A parent of a student at Mufreesboro's Central Middle School complained about paying a $25 fee for a fundraising celebration even though his son qualifies for a reduced-price meal. Students who didn't pay stayed inside instead of attending the outdoor games.

Rachel Woods, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee Department of Education, said state statute supports Kevin Fisher's complaint about the fundraising. A letter outlining the law will be sent to Rutherford County Director of Schools Harry Gill.

Gill said he was unaware that students receiving meal assistance are eligible for waivers so they can participate in fundraisers.

He said if the county is in violation of the law, they would rectify it immediately.

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