Cyber Monday Kicks Off the Online Holiday Shopping Season

(WVLT) -- The best shopping deals aren't always on Black Friday.

As Kate Bouduan reports, the Monday after Thanksgiving is now becoming one of the busiest online shopping days of the year and is now dubbed "Cyber Monday."

Crowded stores, long lines, and more cars than there are parking spaces.

Those are just a few of the hassles of holiday sopping.

"You get there and find out they don't have what you want in the first place, where as online, they either have it or they don't," said one shopper.

That desire to ditch the mall angst with a mouse click has turned the Monday after Thanksgiving, now known as Cyber Monday, into a big day for the retail industry.

Some of this year's most sought-after gifts are kids toys.

"I put Hannah Montana right up there, Nintendo Wii continues to be hot as a pistol. We sell every one we get in," said Jerry Storch, CEO of Toys "R" Us.

At the same, time many parents are concerned over the millions of product recalls this year.

Retailers are hoping they can lure the now skittish consumers to the internet by more promotions than ever.

"72% of retailers are planning to offer Cyber Monday promotions," said Scott Silverman, Executive Director.

And more than half of Cyber Monday shoppers will be cashing in on those deals while at work.

Experts say the key to shopping online this holiday season is not only search for the best deals but also make sure it's secure.

They recommend buyers pay with a credit card rather than a debit card because many credit cards have a zero-liability limit and buyers won't be responsible for any fraudulent charges.

Industry experts say 72 million people are expected to shop online today.

However, overall holiday shoppers seem to be spending about 3 and a half percent less this weekend than last year.

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