School in Loudon County on State "Fire Watch"

Loudon County (WVLT) -- Firefighters now have to be stationed on the campus of Greenback High School after it was placed on "fire watch"

An annual inspection last week found some deficiencies, so the state fire marshal put the school on fire watch.

That means firefighters must be stations at the school when 10 or more people are there.

The fire marshall's office says some of the problems are serious, some not and some are left over from last year's inspection.

"Some of the buildings didn't have fire alarm systems, some of them didn't have smoke detection, some of the out buildings had lack of maintenance," said Mark Boyd with the Fire Marshal's office.

Loudon County school administrators have 30 days to respond to the fire marshal's report with their plan of action to correct the problem.

But for now, the firefighters will remains as a precaution.

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