Knoxville Fire Department Offers Fire Prevention Tips While Decorating For Christmas

Tuesday On East Tennessee This Morning, Allison Hunt was live at Knoxville Fire Department's station 11 where they have gone all out and decorated the station for Christmas in a display you have to go by and see.

She also talked with Brent Seymour with the Knoxville Fire Department who gave us the following tips on how to prevent a fire hazard while turning your house into a Christmas scene for all the neighbors.

Decorating with Indoor Christmas Lights:
1) Make sure all cords are in good shape.
2) Use a surge protection power strip.
3) Unplug all lights when you are not at home.

Decorating With Outdoor Lights:
1) Use hooks or tape to string lights (staples may puncture cords)
2) Use an outdoor surge protector.
3) Put up lights in the daylight.
4) Have someone with you while putting up your lights.

Decorating Your Christmas Tree:
1) Always keep your live trees well watered.
2) Set your tree up away from your fire place.
3) Make sure you use indoor lights on your tree.
4) Always unplug the lights on your tree when you're not home.

Following these tips will help you have a safe and memorable Christmas.