Making Sure Those SEC Championship Tickets Are The Real Thing

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Knoxville It's the hottest ticket in town, but if you're not careful, your SEC Championship ticket could get you trouble, instead of a seat.

Volunteer TV's Mike McCarthy spoke with UT Athletics and has more on whether fake tickets are out there.

UT warns counterfeiters are ready to scam you on the street and online. The university sold out its tickets Monday. So if you're buying a scalped ticket, just like your Christmas list, you better check it twice.

Two SEC Championship Tickets make one big smile.

"We didn't think it was going to happen, but Coach Fulmer proved everyone wrong. And I'm so happy about it," ticket holder Martin Abrams said.

But Vol Season ticket holder Martin Abrams is also lucky.

"These tickets are like gold right now. It's hard to find one," UT Athletics spokeswoman Tiffany Carpenter said.

Just ask UT senior Alex Martin. He lost in the student lotto.

"Hopefully I can get my hands on a ticket before we leave town, but if not, we're just going and scalping," Martin said.

Desperation that could lead to ticket trouble in Atlanta.

"Some of the counterfeits are looking really good," Carpenter said.

So how do you know if your tickets real? First, check out the the SEC logo. Rub your fingers over it. It should be imprinted in the ticket. If it's a sticker, you found a fake.

Also look at the black and white.

"Make sure the font looks familiar with the other ones you've seen and ask the ticket broker to see all his tickets and make sure they're different locations. A lot of times they'll print the same seats over and over again," Carpenter said.

UT also warns...

"I've just been getting on Ebay," Martin said. for scams on your computer screen.

"Sometimes you can look at places like stub They do have tickets that guarantee the validity that make sure it's a valid ticket," Carpenter said.

If a bogus bar code fools you....

"All the tickets have a bar code that will scan when you go into the arena. So if it's a fake ticket, the arena will know," Carpenter said.

Not only will you miss the plays, you'll also be out what you paid.

"Unfortunately there's nothing U.T. can do," Carpenter said.

A lesson some suckered fans learned that the last time the Vols played for the SEC Championship.

"In 2004 all they could do was take a description of the scalper and Police went around the building trying to find them," Carpenter said.

Abrams isn't fretting.

"I was lucky," Abrams said.

Luck he hopes rubs off on the Vols.

If you do buy tickets online, banks recommend using your credit card. That way, if the tickets turn out to be a scam, you won't have to pay.

Of course, the cheapest way to watch. The game's right here on Volunteer TV. We have all your SEC Championship game action starting Saturday at four.

Watch Volunteer TV News at 11:00 for tips on where you can buy tickets safely.

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