SEC Fanfare 2007 Puts Big Orange Fans In The Championship Mood

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Atlanta (WVLT) -- Volunteer TV News spent Friday afternoon roaming the streets of downtown Atlanta, in search of Big Orange fans.

Turns out one event made them pretty easy to find.

It was the 2007 SEC Fanfare, an event meant to put fans of the Southeastern Conference in the mood for Saturday's big game.

For visitors anticipating the Vols verse LSU Tigers, it can be kind of fun.

"I don't know it's the first time I've been here to tell you the truth but it's pretty neat," said Sam McCraw who was in town for the game.

Kids seem to have the most fun, getting a chance to get into the UT/LSU rivalry spirit with a little football.

"It's one hundred percent passing game," said Kirk McQueen from Heads Up Regions Bank Football, "they cannot run the ball from behind the line of scrimmage. The defense snaps the ball to them and they have three seconds before they can rush. One hand touch anywhere on the body."

The kids may not be as tough on the fanfare field as the players will be Saturday night, but they do know about the match-up.

When asked whether he thought the LSU players were nice, a young UT fan named Jackson Eller said only just a little bit.

But SEC Fanfare was really all about having fun and getting ready for the big game.

"Everybody that comes out has a good time and just plays," said McQueen. "They'll walk away, Regions Bank has got some give-a-ways they're handing out to everybody who plays. We'll
find the same people do this most all weekend long. It's the biggest event that we have here."

Fanfare continued Friday night until 9:00 PM, but if you did not plan on arriving in town until Saturday, you would not have been out of luck.

It picks back up on Saturday at 9:00 AM and runs until kickoff at 4:00 PM.

SEC Fanfare 2007 takes place next door to the Georgia Dome at the World Congress Center.

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