No Sign Of Missing Scott Co. Woman

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Scott County (WVLT) Mother's day, Thanksgiving, and now her birthday have all passed.

And still no sign of Jean Johnson.

She's the Scott county mother, grand mother and great grand mother who's been missing for nearly ten months.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman has the latest in the search for Jean Johnson.

She was last seen on February 24th and hasn't been seen since.

Jean Johnson is missed by a lot of family including two daughters and a son along with a total of 21 grand and great grand children.

And today we spoke with Jean's son Johnny Crabtree.

"She was leaving for her prom and my mother helped her get dressed and saw her off on her date and everything."

Jean Johnson and her granddaughter Ashley. That was in the Spring of 2006.

Crabtree says, "That was the last photo that my daughter took with her grandmother."

Jean's family is holding on to all the memories of her they can, all the while marking empty milestones.

"That was for Mother's Day."

Flowers on the porch of her empty mobile home. Thanksgiving was even tougher.

"Last Thanksgiving, I was sitting in there eating a big dinner she'd fixed."

Her birthday's also come and gone.

Jean would've been 67 just a few days ago.

Crabtree continues, "and I didn't come out here for her birthday because I just couldn't."

Missing his mom is full-time for her only son.

"It's a burden. I work a lot trying to keep her off my mind, but it never goes away. Never. It's always there."

On the minds of her neighbors, too, like William Burress.

"I'd say she was a really good neighbor. I know she went to church regular."

Regular at the Oneida Church of God.

Crabtree continues, "well, we pray a lot. Go to church. Church prays."

And police hunt.

Scott County Sheriff Anthony Lay says, "we brought the dive team in and searched approximately three miles of watered area."

But to no avail on Halloween Day at the pond near the old Blue Diamond Coal Pit in neighboring McCreary County Kentucky.

So, the mission and the missing continue.

"When we think about her, we wonder what happened to her. Where she's at. She deserves to be buried, and we deserve closure."

No one has been charged in connection with Jean's disappearance, but her ex-husband Doug Whisnant's property has been searched several times.

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