New Illegal Drug Popping Up In East TN

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Knoxville (WVLT) A drug bust on UT's campus could mark the first time the drug DMT has shown up in East Tennessee.

But it may be far from the last.

Volunteer TV's Gordon Boyd has more.

You could call DMT a stealth drug.

To make meth, you need everything from Sudafed to car battery lithium.

Stuff, that in bulk and cooked with toxic fumes, attracts attention.

Vonore police say the arrested students told them they're chemistry majors.

But for DMT you don't need a degree.

To figure out which plants to grind.

And how.

Jennifer Marlin, a UT Senior says, "it's kind of shocking that this would happen on UT's campus."

Four days after the find, many students who don't call Melrose Hall home still had no clue, anything about it.

And they know even less about the drug, police claim two students were making in their dorm room turned lab.

Adam Hood says, "it's kinda scary actually."

Darren Brock with Knoxville Police continues, "get on line and scare yourself, because there's plenty of stuff out there."

Unfortunately, police say, DMT, di-methyl-tryp-tamine, is easier to make, than it is to say or spell.

Brock says, "it's a psychedelic experience, hallucinogenic."

The bigger rush, Investigator Brock says, the potential profits.

"Estimated $20to $30 dollars a hit. That's a little more expensive than LSD, but at the same time, it's more naturally occurring., so the belief is gonna be it's less potent, less toxic than LSD."

A dangerous, and wrong assumption, Brock says.

For freshman Adam Hood, the bigger worry is, "making it in the dorm, cause what if there was like an explosion, chemicals going everywhere?"

Brock says, "does it release the same toxins and gases as methamphetamine does, no?"

Brock and UT officials say Melrose residents likely have been at even less of a risk, because each room has its own heating and cooling.

"There's almost no real way to way it as close as far as the production of it."

Jennifer Marlin, a UT Senior says, "I would think that would invade people;s privacy if you did a search of every room, but I think something needs to be done."

A UT Spokesman says housing officials and administrators will decide over break, what changes they'll make in dorm security.

Brock says, "I would venture that somebody on UT's campus is making or learning how to make it right now. This won't be the only time we'll see it."

What's tougher, is knowing what to look for.

Neither police, nor we want to give anybody a recipe for making this stuff.

Suffice it to say, a Google search will give you as a parent, all you need to know.

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