Knoxville To Make All 6,000 Traffic Signals LED

Knoxville (AP) -- The city of Knoxville has a bright idea for saving money: Replacing every one of the city's 6,000 incandescent bulbs in its traffic signals with super-efficient LEDs.

With a projected $8 million budget surplus, the city plans to spend more than $781,000 on light-emitting diode bulbs for all of its 350 signaled intersections. About 70 intersections have them already.

The LEDs should last at least five years compared to the typical one-year life of an incandescent bulb. Though LED bulbs can be more expensive, they use about one-tenth as much electricity.

The city estimates saving more than $220,000 annually in energy costs and replacement expenditures, meaning the investment could pay off in less than four years.

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