Alcoa Family's Christmas Present Is A New Habitat Home

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Alcoa (WVLT) – The holiday season celebrates togetherness and family.

One Blount County family knows that when it comes to having a home for the holidays, it’s the family that makes the home and not the other way around.

But the Simon Family still thinks better surroundings couldn’t hurt.

That’s why they went to work, helping to build their own Habitat for Humanity house.

As they found out this weekend, the move in time could not have been better.

Tanya Simon is proud of her family, made up of her husband Kenneth and three children, Cheyenne, Savanna and Sean.

Owning there own home has been a lifelong dream, but the foundation was laid late this summer.

"We have worked really hard,” Tanya said. “We had a lot of wonderful volunteers come out and help us."

To those volunteers, the Simon family will always be grateful.

On Sunday, differing emotions filled the family's thoughts.

The Simon’s experienced plenty of joy and some nerves right up until the moment their new home was introduced to them.

Tanya thinks the home provides her family with a better lot in life and simply a nicer place to live.

"We did need more space,” she said, “but it was in disrepair too. We really needed something that was in good repair.”

The new home also gives the family a sense of pride because after all, mom and dad physically helped construct the structure.

It is a story that can be passed down through their generations.

Helping the Simon's in the construction of the home fell on several volunteers from the New Providence Presbyterian Church.

They were to learn how the home they helped mold had touched the Simon’s, especially the family's youngest members.

"I hope it inspires them to do some similar things in the future for themselves,” said Don Moore from New Providence, “whether working on Habitat or working with a volunteer organization."

Even though the carpet has not yet been laid, the holidays will definitely be shared under the new home’s roof. .

"We couldn't think of a better Christmas gift, and with a lot of luck and a lot of hard work it happened,” he said.

As for the home, Sean gets his own room and the girls will bunk together.

Tanya says she is the most excited about hosting a kitchen pantry.

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