Should you act now to find last minute shopping deals?

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Knoxville (WVLT) - There's one week left to shop for Christmas, and if you're not finished yet, we have some advice to get it all done.

Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone has the details.

You have from now until Thursday to get some prime last minute shopping done. Managers at this Knoxville Wal Mart say for starters, the stores won't be as crowded. Second, the merchandise won't be picked over either. While some stores will have those Holiday Eve sales, there may not be much left.

"Most of the stuff we have now is what we'll have until Christmas. If we don't have it now, chances are we won't get it in before Christmas," Wal Mart manager Joe Foreman said.

Many shoppers we caught up with have their own tips for surviving the stress of Holiday shopping. When it comes to your kids...

"Start early. I started in July. Don't buy anything from July on, make em wait," shopper Tanya McMahan said.

And your budget...

"Just put a little bit back every payday," one shopper said.

Those are great shopping tips to get you in shape for next year, but in the week ahead, you're tight on time. So here are some resources that will certainly help you out. You can actually print out major store coupons just by going online.

Just by Googling your favorite store and the word "coupon" you can come across some great weekly specials, but if you wait until the night before Christmas, you may have to settle on a second best gift.

Many stores are extending their hours this week to accommodate all those last minute shoppers.

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