Knox couple's deaths in Georgia now investigated as double murder

MONROE, Georgia (WVLT) The Georgia Bureau of Investigation now says the deaths of Tim Allen Henley, 33, and Natalie Diane Nichols, 26,
are being investigated as a double murder.

Monroe (Ga.) Police Department officiers found Henley and Nichols bleeding profusely inside a car that had crashed on December 2nd.

Paramedics found that both had been shot in the head.

They were airlifted to a local hospital where they both died.

Because a gun was found on the car's floorboard near Heanley's body, the deaths were originally investigated as a murder-suicide, but that has since changed.

Special Agent in Charge of the Athens GBI office, John Heinen says new physical evidence at the scene and preliminary autopsy results have changed their minds.

Heinen wouldn't comment on whether the gun found was used in the murders, but said more tests would be performed that could determine that.

No spent shells were found on the scene of the shootings on Cherry Hill Road in Walton County.

The GBI would not comment on suspect information.

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