Vol fans in Knoxville cheer on the team

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The Outback Bowl win has made Vol spirit soar here in east Tennessee.

Even though some fans couldn't make it down to Tampa, they cheered like they were right on the sidelines.

Today Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt caught up with some very proud Vol fans.

"When I saw that interception, I just jumped up and couldn't believe it," Vol fan TJ Spoon said.

But this nine year old Vol fan is so happy it's true a Bowl win for the volunteers.

"It was a close game, a good game, a four point trail for Wisconsin," Spoon said.

Nine year old TJ Spoon, his father and sister snagged the best seat at Ray's for the Outback Bowl. The perfect spot to watch TJ's favorite player...Eric Ainge.

"He's had a couple good throws, two touchdown passes and just, he's done really good," Spoon said.

But he does have some gripes.

"Whenever they handed under his legs, then the fumble, I just can't believe they've done that, that shouldn't even be in the playbooks," Spoon said.

But TJ's dad, Thomas, thinks the win may help the 2008 playbooks.

"I think it will help us in that we'll probably get some better recruits because high school players like going to winning programs," Thomas Spoon said.

Fans were just as happy outside...Yes, outside.

"It's a nice beautiful day," Vol fan Joe Corbell said.

Ray's may have plastic palm trees and heaters may provide warmth, but next to Tampa, it's the best place to watch the game for Joe Corbell.

"It's nice and sunny, we have heat," Corbell said.

Overall he's happy with the win, and says it's a great way to close the 2007 season.

"It's good to end on a win," Corbell said.

And TJ's smile will probably last til next season.

"That's just incredible for Tennessee," Spoon said.

The season may have just ended, but fans say the win already gets them excited for fall.

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