Criminal justice students to re-examine death of intern Chandra Levy

MODESTO, Calif. (AP) -- It's been a mystery for some six years. Who killed Chandra Levy?

Now a group of college students in Georgia are preparing to launch their own investigation into the killing of the Washington intern whose body was found in a D.C. park in 2002, a year after she vanished from her apartment.

Since 2005, students at Atlanta's Bauder College have sifted through old evidence and case files from unsolved crimes as part of the school's Cold Case Investigative Research Institute. This year, Levy's homicide is on their agenda, along with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teenager who vanished in Aruba three years ago.

The 50 students at the two-year school will not be graded or get course credit for their work interviewing experts associated with the cases, preparing timelines and looking for clues in Levy's computer. But they plan to turn their findings and recommendations over to Washington police and prosecutors at the end of the term.

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