Pets rescued from burning Knoxville home

Four pets were rescued from a fire on Vista Lane in Knoxville on Wednesday.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) Four animals are safe this afternoon, after being rescued from a burning house.

The Knoxville Fire Department says the fire started about 9:30 Wednesday morning at a home on Vista Lane in northwest Knoxville.

Crews arrived to find heavy smoky pouring from the home.

After getting inside, putting the fire out and rescuing the pets, investigators are now focusing on what started the blaze.

"From the damage i've seen so far, it doesn't appear that it was chimney related," KFD Captain Brent Seymour said. "So once they finish their overhaul, we'll be able to get inside a little bit and see what's going on."

Seymour says the homeowner was not at home when the fire started. No one was injured.