Seeking spatulas and salvation in the Storehouse

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Anderson County (WVLT) -- It's bigger, newer and volunteers say even better now that it’s open.

Those are the rave reviews the Ecumenical Storehouse was receiving during the grand opening of its new warehouse in Anderson County.

They've actually been around for two decades, but the faith-based non-profit just moved to its new building in the secret city, where they are ready to help even more of our regions less fortunate.

A trip inside the warehouse offers visitors a variety in household items, meant to go to the needy.

"Its love, it's just straight up love," said Sandra Myers. “Last July we were robbed, and they didn't just steal things, they broke things and cut things. It was very vindictive.

It was the free pots and pans from the Ecumenical Storehouse that patched her life back together.

"Ecumenical just means a group of churches are running it," said Gerald Scott, who has volunteered at the charity for the last decade.

On Sunday afternoon, Scott and his fellow volunteers took part in praying and blessing the non-profits new 5,000 square foot building.

"We have over twice as much space now,” said Brenda Brewer, Ecumenical House’s president.

That much more space means they can continue there mission on a larger scale.

"We collect usable household items that people no longer need, keep them out of a landfill, and put them in homes where people do need them," Brewer said.

Gerald Scott thinks the new space will mean big things.

"It's important because of the impact it'll have on the operation here," he said.

Along with extra storage space, the new building also offers more parking, heat and even a waiting area.

The items can be as small and ordinary as a spatula, but to the people receiving them, it's like gold.

"They make you feel good about yourself, like life will be OK," said Myers, who now helps the less fortunate by stocking items on the shelves herself. "They need that same comfort and the same love."

The storehouse serves families across five counties, all of whom have been referred by local agencies and churches.

You can find out how to donate by clicking on the link on the Hot Key.

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