Bird Disease prompts PetSmart to suspend sales in 46 states including Tennessee

Knoxville (WVLT) - PetSmart inc. says they have suspended bird sales at 775 stores across the country including the two locations here in Knoxville, and pulled the birds from the store displays.

The retailer suspended the sales after they found a high number of cases of psittacosis, a bacterial disease found in birds and can be spread to humans.

Company Officials say they found the disease in in cockatiels from a vendor in Florida called Preferred Birds.

The company is treating the birds that were removed from the displays, and officials are contacting customers who bought birds during the past few months.

Psittacosis is a bacterial disease that can spread from birds to humans by inhaling dried secretions, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control.

Human symptoms include fever, headaches and a dry cough. Pneumonia can develop from the disease.

PetSmart has two locations here in Knoxville, one in Turkey Creek, and the other in The Shops At Dean Hill.

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