WVLT's Allison Hunt becomes a firefighter

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Firefighters put their lives at risk every time they head out on a call, but extensive training helps them prevent injuries and save lives.

Even though the training is hard, that didn’t stop Volunteer TV’s Allison Hunt from giving it a try on her own this week on East Tennessee This Morning.

Her training ground was station three, one of the busier fire stations in Knoxville.

Firefighter training takes 26 weeks.

That whole time, the work remains physically demanding and grueling.

"Training is hands on in, firefighting, climbing ladders, pulling hose, loading hose,” said Brent Seymour of the Knoxville Fire Department. “It also involves numerous times of putting protective clothing on and off."

But the firefighters of engine three in Knoxville wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's a calling, not everyone can do the job,” Seymour said.

Usually, reporters and camera crews at WVLT show up to the scene of a fire in one of the stations live microwave trucks.

But Allison and her photographer decided to traded it in for a real fire truck.

Fire crews also wear around 70 to 75 lbs of equipment, consisting of a coat, hat, helmet, pants and an air pack.

"Your ultimate goal is to have everything on and be breathing air with no exposed skin in 90 seconds," said Seymour.

Seymour helped Allison get into a set of equipment and then showed her how to use the fire hose.

The hose shoots water at 100 lbs of pressure, making it difficult to walk around with.

It only took Allison about an hour to realize she wasn’t cut out for the job, but the guys of station three say they were born firefighters.

"We all started when were 17, 18 years old and knew this is what we wanted to do and just really enjoy the job," said Seymour.

If you have job ideas for Allison, or would like her to take your job, send us an email at ETTM@WVLT-TV.com

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