Winter Weather: Knoxville hopes for the best; prepares for the worst

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Road crews in east tennessee are prepared to keep the roads safe for you.

TDOT has been spreading salt brine along interstates you might be traveling.

And Knoxville Public Work's Department is on stand-by watching the weather forecasts for you.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis spent the day with TDOT.

The city is hoping for the best, but ready for the worst.

TDOT is getting a jump start on treating the roads with salt brine.

An 18 percent solution of salt mixed with water.

TDOT spokesman Travis Brickey says, "Really cheap less than a penny per gallon."

For the last two days, state transportation workers have been treating coating lanes of every U.S. highway, interstate, and state road.

The TDOT location off Concord Road focuses on interstates using 13 dump trucks and eight salt brine trucks to cover the roads.

Brickey says, "Be treated so if get frozen precipitation we'll be prepared."

So what if the rain washes away the salt brine already down?

Bud Slaton with TDOT says, "If rains we go back out and spread salt cause wet road turns into slick road."

TDOT isn't expecting much precipitation tonight, just enough to make it slippery.

Slaton says, "If can stay ahead in the meantime and get folks out tomorrow and let the rain wash away the rest."

Knoxville Public Works does it a little differently.

They wait for the precipitation to fall, then they put down the salt on the priority roads leading into Knoxville.

The city has 18-20 crews.

Buddy Harrell with Knoxville Public Works says, "Bins are full with salt. Glad we haven't had to use it, and hope we don't have to but if we do we're prepared."

Both the state and the city are ready for whatever wintry weather mother nature decides to bring.

Knoxville says they hope to get more resources in the next year or so because they want to pre-treat the roads, too.

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