Knox County candidates forking out big bucks for the primary

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Knox County (WVLT) This election could shape up to be Knox County's most expensive primary in history.

Volunteer TV's Gordon Boyd looks at what's turning up the heat and the costs.

71 candidates.

From the presidential primary.

To last January's term-limit fix turn lawsuit fiasco.

The more folks brought into the field.

The tougher to break out of the pack.

William Daniels, a Knox County Commission Candidate says, "obviously you have to do a little more marketing, a little more walking, leather time on the pavement."

For the past two weekends, and through February fifth, it's pure
greet-tail politics.

Selling your name, face, and message, by sight and signs.

Daniels continues, "I'm probably gonna spend somewhere in the neighborhood of ten thousand dollars on this primary."

Ruthie Kuhlman, Knox County Commission Candidate says, "the primary is gonna be between 20 and 25 thousand."

Mike Cohen, a Media Consultant says, "it always takes a lot of money to win in politics."

Maybe even more this primary, Cohen says thanks to a ballot stocked with many more folks running for county offices.

Cohen continues, "gives an advantage to people who can best raise money, and the people who can best raise money are generally the people who are in power or who have access to power."

Daniels says, "yes, it does cost you more when you have those types of issues to counter, rather than running on your merits."

Kuhlman says, "for the signs, it's for the ads, radio ads."

So far, newstalker WNOX tells us, four candidates have dropped about
20 grand for radio spots.

4-A Commission Candidate William Daniels figures his spending won't be large.

"I've been blessed to have a lot of people give me a little."

The real cost, he says, is time.

Opponent Ruthie Kuhlman believes she can bank on her friends.

"They've said they will, so let's hope they put their money where their mouth is, this time again."

All spent to persuade the Kathy George's among us, who aren't suffering campaign overload, yet.

"Because otherwise I won't know anything about the candidates. So every little bit that I get, helps me to make an important decision."

The most expensive commission races likely will be in the fourth district.

The fourth district, left unrepresented since the commission appointments were thrown out.

Both parties have contested primaries.

4 republicans, each running for seat A and seat B.

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