Third shift workers commute in the snow

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Most of you are snugly in your bed right now, but if you happen to work the third shift, things could get a little dicey.

Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone has more on how those who happen to work Wednesday night could be facing some difficulties.

The snow started about 10 p.m., we want to look at this street light to show you just how steady it's coming down.

Shift change for many companies is an hour away, and those closing or coming in will have to be very careful.

If you work the third shift, the late shift, the night shift, snow covered roads can make your job dangerous. Nicole Hanson works at a donut shop where they bake and deliver all night long.

"She has another order that she's getting ready right now so she'll have to deliver it tonight so she'll probably be in it all night long," Hanson said.

Many truckers we spoke with are already staying in for the night with the threat of snow in the forecast. Operating a big rig has big responsibility and bad weather can be nerve-racking.

"If it's snowing it's pretty scary. I don't like driving in the snow anyway. You know with a heavy load, no big deal, but you never know if there's black ice in the road," trucker Zudi Muhearmia said.

Black ice is always a threat, even if there's not any snow. If you're out on the roads, be safe.

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