Mason Kelley returns home to Roane

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Roane County (WVLT) -- The second Roane County child to have a heart transplant in 2007 has returned home from the hospital.

Mason Kelley, 11 had the transplant surgery in November.

According to his family, he is doing great, especially after his final heart study came back good and he was given the green light to head for home.

Even while proudly showing off the scar from his transplant a month, Mason still thinks back to his first symptoms.

“I was having chest pains," he said.

Doctors told him he could return home, as long as he stayed inside, which he has had no problem with thanks to the gift of Guitar Hero for his X-Box.

The game was given to him by a six year old stranger and just one of the many given to him.

"We couldn't of done it without the help and support we got," said Brooke Kelley, Mason’s mother.

Mason was on his way to the hospital to receive a heart transplant just 10 months after he was originally diagnosed.

"I was thinking I was going to go through pain, but I didn't," Mason said.

He is now back home, playing with his remote control buggy, driving the family dog nuts and finally getting to play outside.

"I'm not as tired as used to be,” Mason said, “I'd run out of breath and be breathing heavy"

When it comes to talking about what he went through, he didn’t have much to say.

"How does it feel to know you have somebody else's heart inside you?” he asked, “weird."

To keep infection at bay, Mason has to take a lot of medication a day, but his mom and dad are just glad he is home.

"It's good staying up there, but when you know you get to go, it makes a big difference," said Brooke.

His dad's excited about just hanging out with his son.

"We are going to catch us a good mild day and we'll go crappie fishing," said Jack Kelley.

It will always amaze Jack how well his son recovered.

“It's been amazing, it's totally amazed and we never thought in a million years it would go this well,” he said.
Mason said he is ready to get back to living a normally 11 year old’s life.

He has to go back to the doctor every Monday for six weeks to make sure he is still healthy and he will return to school in April, once the cold and flu season has ended.

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