Morristown family waits, police search for kidnapped 95 year old man

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Hamblen County (WVLT) - A Morristown family spent Sunday anxiously awaiting word of their missing father and friend.

Willie Lee Morgan has been missing since late Saturday night, and police believe he has been kidnapped.

"He's a good person," said stepdaughter Nancy McCann. "He's ninety-five years old and he'd help any body that he could."

Officially, Nancy is Willie's stepchild, but the term step is just a formality.

Willie and his wife have cared for her since birth.

"He's just like my real dad," she said. "He's raised me all my life and I want nothing to happen to him. I don't want to lose him this way."

For now, the family is doing the only thing they can do, wait and pray for Willie's safe return home.

Meanwhile the rest of a community of friends remains worried.

He has had the same neighbors for decades and they all call him a wonderful man.

They described him as quiet and caring, with a peace nature.

But on Saturday night, violence shattered that peace.

"I received a phone call that some people that my nephew had robbed had come down here and got him," Nancy said.

That was around 11:15 PM according to police dispatch.

"I came down here and sure enough, his door was open and his couch was turned up," she said. "I got the girl's phone number and I called her about 1:45 AM. She wanted $3,000 and we didn't get it to her on time. I haven't heard anything since."

There is another concern.

Willie suffers from a bad heart and his family said he needs his medication.

All the authorities have confirmed is that Willie is missing and that they are searching for several people who may be involved.

The case is being worked by Morristown Police and the Jefferson County and Hamblen County Sheriff's Departments.

But for a man who showed such a big heart through his love of people and animals alike, time is pressing. He has a heart condition and needs his medicine.

"I just want him back and safe," Nancy said. "If they'll bring him back, they can have me."

If you know where Willie Lee Morgan might be, please call your local law police or sheriff's department as soon as possible.

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