More East TN roads affected by weather

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(WVLT) Road problems were also a big problem in both Blount and Sevier counties, especially for the areas schools.

Volunteer TV's Blount County Bureau Chief Stephen McLamb has more.

Between Maryville, Blount County, and Sevier County six buses slid off the road prompting parents to get their children or school officials finding ways to get them to school.

So why did area schools have school to begin with?

Well, they say this icy weather just caught them by surprise.

Icy roads left many cars wrecked and with high call volumes to law enforcement, many left stranded.

But the weather also caused problems for school buses already on their way to school.

In Sevier county, buses pulled off the road so family or friends could pick up their children.

Matt Lunsford, picking up neighbors child says, "she can't drive. She has no vehicle and if I didn't come they were going to have to send a taxi after her."

In Blount county, some county parents questioned why school was even being held.

Brenda Lawson, questions why school wasn't canceled says, "Alcoa called theirs off so why couldn't they got out here and called ours off before then?"

Troy Coe, wonders why he brought kids to school says, "I wondered why I even got out and took them to school this morning, especially as bad as everything was."

But school officials say they have long bus routes and have to make decisions early in the morning to cancel school.

Alisa Teffeteller, Blount County School Spokesperson says, "at 5:30 this morning there were not weather conditions to be concerned about here in this area at all."

So when the ice began, six buses in Sevier county, Blount county, and Maryville found themselves off the road and parents called to come get their children.

Even parents with children found themselves off main roads.

Angel Bathon, walking home with son says, "my husband's trying to get out of the hollow on Sugar Loaf road to get us back home and his truck can't make it up the hill so we're going to start walking."

And so they did.

None of the children on any of the buses in the two county area had any injuries.

So why did Alcoa call off school quicker than some of the others?

Schools chief Tom Shamblin says they only have four buses.

Coupled with shorter routes, they were able to notify all the buses fairly quickly and ordered them to turn around and take the children home.

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