Knoxville man's home damaged after storm

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Many people are still picking up tree limbs and branches after Tuesday night's heavy rains and high winds.

Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone talked to one family whose roof was heavily damaged after a tree fell on it.

Tuesday night, Anthony Cespedes was driving home from the UT library. When he pulled into his driveway, he was shocked at what lay before him.

"They told me that as soon as the tree fell down, that it felt like an earthquake," Cespedes said.

Anthony Cespedes' family greeted him at the front door with the news. A tree had fallen on their house.

"The house was pretty much like it is now, water flooding into the kitchen, pretty much messing up everything inside the kitchen," Cespedes said.

The tree split through roof causing the kitchen ceiling to bulge, and because it happened in the middle of the night...

"Well, like, we just got buckets and towels and cleaned everything up and just went to sleep like kind of normal," Cespedes said.

It's not clear when the tree can be removed. Anthony's family will have to stay somewhere else the next time it rains.

Anthony and his family have lived in their home for three years. It's not clear if they'll stay there long term.

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