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Knoxville (WVLT) -- One of many surprisesfrom Super Tuesday was Mike Huckabee sweeping the south and even beating out John McCain in Tennessee.

With 90 percent of precincts reporting, Huckabee had 34 percent of the vote versus john McCain's 32 percent.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford spoke with Tennessee's Right to Life group who recently endorsed Huckabee.

Knoxville's Right to Life chapter, along with several religious conservatives say they pushed Mike Huckabee to victory at the polls because of his unwavering stance on abortion.

Republican Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee says, "Tonight we're showing America one small stone could do a lot more than a mighty piece of armor!"

It was no doubt a very tight race between Mike Huckabee and John McCain, but Tennesseans voiced their choice.

Knoxville chapter Tennessee Right to Life Executive Director Stacy Dunn says, "It says that when you ban together and stand on conviction, you can make a difference in an election."

Conservative groups like Tennessee Right to Life came out in strong numbers at the polls for Governor Huckabee.

Dunn says, "Huckabee is the candidate who has proven unparalleled pro-life record in the presidential race."

And taking that pro-life record to the White House is the ultimate goal.

Dunn says, "If you have a president who can appoint some pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, that makes a huge difference in the protection of human life."

Parkway Baptist Pastor Lindy Apon says, "It's not the only factor, but it's a factor and it's important."

Pastor Apon attended a church service with Huckabee several years ago in Arkansas and says, "He's a Godly man and that's probably a key in at least some percentage of Tennessee voters."

Pastor Apon says Huckabee's outward pro-life view is just what he's looking for, "I want a president that has a strong pro-life stance and believes that life is created by God and is sacred."

Vice Chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville Deacon Sean Smith says, "It is a critical aspect of the platform. Life itself begins at the very moment of conception until natural death."

But a lot could change between now and the November election.

Dunn says, "If enough people seek the Lord then I believe that perhaps would have bearing on who's in the White House."

Many political analysts say Fed Thompson's out also moved a good amount of republicans over to Huckabee.

You can bet we'll certainly see a lot more campaigning from here on out.

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